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The Shishalh (Sechelt) people, at the time of the first European contact had a population near 26,000. Shishalh women were famous for their beautiful cedar woven baskets, using materials gathered from the roots of the cedar tree, cannery grass and birch bark for the design.

The Sechelt First Nations settlement included four villages on the Sunshine Coast, two in Jervis Inlet, and one each in Pender Harbour and Sechelt Inlet. As the Europeans settled in the region, the Shishalh people experienced numerous changes. Diseases (especially smallpox) became rampant, and resulted in a severe decrease of the Sechelt population at the various traditional settlements.

The language of the Shishalh is called sháshíshálh (indigenous). Shashishalhem is considered the most practical English spelling of this word. Sháshíshálh is a Coast Salish language. anOn the Sechelt Peninsula (Sunshine Coast), approximately 50 km northwest of Vancouver.

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Sechelt, Gobsons, Sunshine Coast Subdivision, Chekwelp, Schaltuuch

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